Top Tips To Care For Your Rattan Furniture

Rattan has suddenly got a fresh lease of life thanks to an inclination among shoppers to go eco friendly. And when you look for furniture that doesn’t impact the environment negatively, rattan furniture ranks as a top pick. Take a look at how best to maintain these furniture types and make a choice on whether to buy the same.

However, despite the fancy looks, flexibility, eco-friendliness and durability, rattan furniture or even rattan furniture replacement cushions for that matter, warrants high maintenance. For these pieces to last long and stay good looking, you need to be careful of how you handle the same over the years. 

Caring For Rattan

The better you care for rattan stuff, the longer a life you bestow upon the same. Sometimes rattan furniture is tagged Goldilocks of materials used for furniture.

  1. It isn’t happy till you give it the best and its preferred treatment. Moreover, rattan furniture is best used in conditions that aren’t very humid or even too dry. This actually ensures that rattan stays safe from brittleness, mildew or even mould.

  2. Always remember that you need to keep rattan furniture in the right area and also store the same properly. When properly cared for, rattan furniture can last for years to come.

  3. Rattan, which is natural or cane-based furniture, is actually made from dry plant matter. Therefore, over time this becomes drier and also more brittle. When you use rattan furniture on the patio, you are exposing it to heat. This could fade the rattan furniture. Avoid exposing the furniture to extreme temperature.

  4. To prevent brittleness from affecting the furniture too much, keep these away from any heat duct or from indoor fireplace. Once the air is dry, you can use a humidifier to help moisten the area. This helps to keep rattan furniture from excessively drying out.

  5.  Just like extreme heat isn’t ideal for rattan, extreme humidity too isn’t a friend. You must ensure that humid areas that have less lighting could lead to mustiness over the rattan furniture.  This could result in mildew or mould formation.

  6. Exposure to rain or wetness over time also damages rattan, so it is best kept indoors or in a covered, moderate location when not in use.

  7. Make sure that you offer the right maintenance to your rattan furniture. Ensure you give it a gentle cleanup every now and then. Dust the furniture gently using feather duster. You can also vacuum it on medium speed setting using a brush meant for upholstery.

  8. You can use a slightly soaked cloth on rattan but ensure there is not a damp cloth doing rounds on your furniture. For stubborn stains and spots, a toothbrush is best used to scrub the furniture.

Summing Up

Rattan is something you invest in only when absolutely sure that you can handle the high level of maintenance and peculiarities. Once you have the right ideas around maintaining such furniture, these will last you for a very very long time.